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Polyurethane Moulding

Normally used for low to medium production runs, rigid polyurethane mouldings have unique properties that may also make them the ideal choice in other situations. The process uses two chemicals, combined in a mixing head which ‘foam’ and fill the tool, creating a hard outer surface and less dense core. Rimplas Technologies offer two material options from Bayer:

  • Baydur 60this system can accommodate both very thick and variable wall sections. Ideal for large mouldings requiring high mechanical strength. We produced the largest moulding in the UK for our customer, De La Rue Cash Handling Systems.
  • Baydur 110is an advanced reaction injection moulding system, allowing thinner and more uniform sections, giving tremendous scope for designers and engineers. These parts have high impact strength.

Common features to both processes:

  • Practically unlimited scope for mechanical and appearance design.
  • Lower tooling costs.
  • Good strength to weight ratio.
  • Mouldings can be produced from 6g to 15kg !
  • Parts normally require painting and can be RFI shielded.
  • Excellent chemical and heat resistant qualities.
  • Flame retardant to meet UL94V0 specification.

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