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Martin Audio Speakers

Martin Audio has brought real innovation to installed sound with the all – new CDD™ and CDD Weatherised Series speaker enclosures and to ensure their success Rimplas were selected to solve some very difficult technical challenges. Cellulose fibre filled polypropylene can be likened to an injection mouldable MDF, allowing distinctive curved enclosures to complement the unique Coaxial Differential Dispersion™ technology but cellulose starts to degrade as the polypropylene melts so meticulous processing control is essential to exploit the exciting potential benefits.

Fortunately, the technical expertise and experience available at Rimplas is well used to handling esoteric materials and the result is a range of elegant and extremely rigid enclosures that deliver class-leading performance, fidelity and coverage consistency to venues that demand the ultimate in cutting edge technology and style. The cabinets were successfully launched to an appreciative market during 2016 at a price point that makes commercial sense.