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Beat The Street

For their award winning ‘beat the street’ competition, Intelligent Health chose Rimplas to deliver the all-important moulded Beat Boxes that record peoples journeys as they travel around an area. To play the game residents tap RFID cards (like Oyster cards) onto sensors placed on lamp posts, tapping two or more boxes records a journey.

In 2014, 39,000 people took part and this year over 100,000 will have travelled one million miles by July alone as the product is rolled out across the country and beyond. Funded by NHS and councils, Beat the Street is a mass participation competition that really works and delivers health benefits at the same time!

Dr William Bird, CEO of Intelligent Health is impressed by Rimplas, ‘Beat the Street works because of the Beat Boxes. They need to retain a high cosmetic finish whilst remaining tough enough to protect the internal components. The increased scale of our project has meant we have moved from a resin casting process to a foamed ABS Injection moulding in a very short timescale, simply to meet demands. Rimplas managed this transition on time and budget. They provided an excellent end product which met all our quality and performance needs.’

beat the street tap box