Painting and Finishing

Rimplas has extensive ‘state of the art’ painting and finishing facilities that enable the best possible product appearance to be consistently achieved from all of our moulding processes.

Although the moulding method, material and tooling type are of considerable interest to the manufacturer or brand owner, their customers and the ultimate user only care about the end result so expert painting and finishing is vital.

In addition, Rimplas has the in-house equipment and expertise necessary for pad printing and silk screen printing for product graphics. This simplifies the chain of responsibility and ensures that the customer gets high quality finished product on time.

In a world where faster electronics and wireless connectivity are becoming the norm, problems related to EMC and RFI continue to hamper product development. Rimplas has considerable experience and expertise in the application of conductive materials to mouldings and can offer both advice and solutions related to applied finishes in these areas.

Case Study

MRI Scanner Refurbishment Project

We were approached By Quest Medical to see if we could assist in a MRI Scanner refurbishment. We had never undertaken this kind of project before but we were up for the challenge.
I found Rimplas to be very receptive and honest from the start, they had never undertaken this kind of refurbishment before but were professional in their approach. This was bespoke requirement and the end product was of a similar or better quality than the OEM finish, the level of service was excellent and I continue to use Rimplas for our ongoing requirements. To date they are the only supplier in this industry I have found to take the time to understand the full scope of our requirements and the importance of the smaller details including new decals and graphics. Thank you again for all your hard work, we look forward to working with you again in the near future.