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Injection Moulding

Injection moulding is generally used for higher volume production where a lower component price justifies a higher tooling investment. However, in some situations, injection moulding is the only process to use and Rimplas has the production flexibility to allow smaller cost effective runs and larger components to be produced. Injection moulding can require greater attention to design detailing and an understanding of the process but the experienced staff at Rimplas can provide a full management service, covering material choice, tooling design and initial concept design through to production.

Important features:

  • Very fast cycle times coupled with very accurate high definition parts.
  • No requirement for secondary finishing.
  • The possibility for self coloured, textured parts straight from the tool.
  • Aluminium tooling can be utilised along with multi cavity tools and changeable inserts to reduce costs.
  • Components can be manufactured with thinner wall sections to reduce weight and cost.
  • Snap details and in some instances integral hinges can be incorporated to aid assembly.
  • Parts can be RFI shielded after moulding.
  • UL94V0 flame retardency is possible but may depend on the component wall thickness.
  • Recycled materials can be utilised.
  • Rimplas moulding machines range from 60 tonnes to 800 tonnes.

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